This is my proposal for theaters and interested venues. It materializes the interpretation of the data gathered through this investigation, into a sensorial experience in the form of a performance and exhibition, which I envision to have several layers of interaction with the information contained in this website:

-A moving soundscape, which combines the voices and knowledge of participants and my own artistic response in the form of a poetic lexicon, moving through the room as a fluid conversation on artistic research and the embodiment of knowledge.

-A screening of all the interviews found on this page. They’ve been filmed on cinematic quality and are ready for the big screen as short film features or a collection of documentation played through the duration of the exhibition.

-A few installation pieces with interactive features to invite the audience to play with the idea of knowledge.

-A movement-based participatory performance which responds to the soundcape and is a commentary on the Ecology of Artistic Research, its structures and parts and how knowledge expands through communication and exchange.