Quantum Society – Sara Gebran (DK)

Sara Gebran is Lebanese / Venezuelan / Danish lecturer, choreographer, dancer and writer residing in Copenhagen and skillfully navigating these fields through a combination of research, pedagogy and artistic practice. Sara’s works are situated within performance art, exploring medias such as video, photography, sound, architecture, radio, and text, mediated by the dancing body, present or not.

She has been studying forms of collective empowerment, through her performances, writing, lectures, teaching, and book publications.

In our sessions, which were several, as I asked Sara Gebran to be my external mentor for this Ecology of Artistic Research investigation, we speak of pulling the performative aspect out of the paper and into the world. How can my investigation, all these interviews, the research and conclusions, and even the findings, be presented so that they are activated upon being encountered by an audience?

She says, looking at my reflection map, for example, that what she sees is a choreography. An already defined series of movements that connect thoughts to ideas, and ideas to practice.

When speaking of artistic research, she suggests approaching the field as a means to an end, if we are already certain of our practice and the territories we want to explore further. “Stay with your desire” she recommends as her final piece of advice which connects the puzzle together.

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